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 Q. Why doesn't my username work anymore?
 A. Your username is the email address you entered when you updated your contact information. 
 Q. I've updated my contact information, why doesn't my business listing reflect the changes?
 A.  To change your listing you will need to click on the 'edit business listing' icon.  Your contact information does not appear on our website.
Q. I've edited my business listing and now I can no longer see it, where is it?
A. Because www.searchmysuburb.com.au is a 'child-friendly' website we have reserved the right to approve all listings before they appear live on our site. Each time you edit your listing it returns to us for approval. 

Q. I've registered an account, why can't I find my business on your website?
A. Registering an account is only the first step.  You will now be able to create a business listing, post a community notice or advertise on our weekly specials page.

Q. I've got a business listing and want to advertise on your weekly specials page - do I need to pay?
A. You can advertise your weekly specials for FREE now!  One week per advert, booked not more than one week in advance.  You may book as many adverts as you like each week. 

Q. How do I go about telling the community about our latest event or service times?
A. Complete a free community listing notice.  You can upload your logo or a jpg.image and you're able to tell the community about your upcoming event or service times in details.

Q. I submitted a new listing.  Why hasn't it gone live?
A. SearchMySuburb will not approve a listing that doesn't have valid contact information.  If we are unable to contact you to verify your details, we will not enable your listing. 

Q. I'm not happy about filling in forms and paying online, but I'd like to advertise with you, how do I go about it?
A. Please download the PDF form on the 'get listed' page - fill it in and send it to us together with your cheque.  We'll do the rest for you.  All free listings (including community notice board listings) have to be submitted online. 

Q. My listing doesn't come up when I search with a 'keyword', why is that?
A. Edit your listing and add in the keywords a prospective client might use to search for your business. 

Q. The map on my listings 'detail' page isn't available, why?
A. Edit your address so that there are not a lot of words appearing before the street numbers ie.

Good address:  5/555 Whatever St

Bad address:    Shop 5, Level 5,  Wherever Building, 555 Whatever St

Q. There are small squares visible in my address/phone number, how can I get rid of them?
A. Edit your listing by removing the extra spaces which are shown as small squares

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